Relationship skills

It takes practice to excel in sport, music and many other areas of life. Relationships involve skills we can practice and master.

Where do we learn our relationship skills? Our families are the most obvious source of learning. Yet we pick up both the positives and the negatives, copying our parents without realising. If we copy the positives that works in our favour, but there are always a few bad habits. Awareness of those bad habits helps focus on the habits we need to change.

The skills can be grouped into categories such as communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and humour.

John Gottman has researched couples and relationship skills for many years, he outlines important skills for every relationship.

ANGER ISSUES? – Do you get angry with your partner or children? If you do perhaps you have experienced being “hangry” hungry and angry at the same time. This is explained by the processes taking place when you need food; only some people seem susceptible. Amanda Salis explains the phenomenon in her article published on The Conversation.

For more serious anger management issues get help from a professional; and have a look at the various courses offered by Relationships Australia.